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About Creative Coatings and Liners

Creative Coatings and Liners is the premier licensed Vortex™ and Granitex™ dealer in Southwest Michigan. Vortex™ is the only true portable spray on liner in the world. The goal of Creative Coatings and Liners is to provide the best coatings possible at the most affordable price. Southwest Michigan’s only premier Vortex™ and Granitex™ dealer. Don’t be fooled by the knock off brands. Call Creative Coatings and Liners today 269-208-6864.

About Vortex™ and Granitex™ Coatings

Vortex™ and Granitex™ Coatings Solutions provide the best products on the market for your commercial and residential needs. From garage floors to pool areas Creative Coatings and Liners is Southwest Michigan’s premier provider of Vortex™ and Granitex™ coatings!

Vortex™ is a blend of Polyurethane and Polyurea that is up to five times stronger than other truck bed applications it can be applied to many different surfaces with amazing results.

Granitex™ Polyphatic Glaze is a baked on coating that gives you glossy, stain resistant, UV resistant finish that will not fade. Granitex Polyphatic Glaze can give you a garage with a clean refined appearance. Granitex™ can be applied to floors, and walls. Surface applications include concrete, metal, wood, fiberglass, tile and more so the possibilities are unlimited.

These products can be used for truck beds, farm equipment, garage floors, basements, sidewalks, bathrooms, and restaurants. Even as your swimming pool liner.

When you combine the Vortex™ seamless coating with the Granitex™ Polyphatic Glaze the look created is beyond what you imagined. Creative Coatings and Liners is an authorized Vortex™ and Granitex™ Polyphatic Dealer and can help you turn your old shower into brand new! The uses for Vortex™ and Granitex­™ are endless.


Call Creative Coatings and Liners today for a quote on today 269-208-6864.

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